The platform

The RetailOS platform joins up your systems with pragmatic, step-by-step integrations, providing a simple, consistent access point for business objects and processes through simple interfaces and a secure API. Bridging gaps in data, user experience, and reporting, RetailOS helps you take control of your technology, to open up a whole new range of opportunities to push your business forward.

Smarter systems

The RetailOS technology stack offers smarter ways to collect data, integrate with legacy providers, and quickly build engaging user interfaces across any device. RetailOS makes it simple to roll out features with the modular approach meaning changes to one system won’t affect other business systems, giving you the flexibility to add, upgrade, or re-platform.

Open data

RetailOS offers secure two-way data exchange to any touch point in the network through our Customer Connect SDK and developer API, removing the restrictions on creating great customer experiences. It can even link peer-to-peer devices inside stores for instant connections and live data sharing. The RetailOS Customer Event Engine allows the ability to track and analyse user behavior regardless of channel with context-specific triggers available to integrate across the business.

Partners & integrations

We've formed alliances with some of the leading providers in the industry to speed up deployment times and provide you with a complete retail technology suite. With pre-certified integrations for many leading platforms and providers, and an open SDK to connect to new providers you may already have, we minimise the project risk and can spend more time on the things that make your solution unique.

Creative control

RetailOS is built around your customer, with customisable UI, and flexible and creative integration options. RetailOS allows you to replicate your brand’s story to create the optimum customer experience. Alternatively, get faster time-to-market for key use cases, with the industry tested out-of-the-box solutions.

Managed services

RetailOS is an enterprise-grade, fully managed cloud service allowing your staff and customers can access data across any device. Our scalable infrastructure grows with your business and can respond to peaks at a moment’s notice. Our professional services team work to minimise the load on internal development teams and processes, and ensure minimum change management is needed.

Intelligent analytics

The RetailOS Customer Event Engine tracks customer and staff behavior in every device, location, online to in-store, including third parties. Flexible triggers mean any touch point can be set to take action under certain conditions, meaning you can respond to customer events in real time with automatic activities and alerts. All this power is available right down to the shop floor, giving mangers the insights they need to make better decisions in real-time.