Take control of your data to make every employee your best salesperson

  • Radically improve how your staff interact with technology
  • Use simple questions to make sense of big data
  • Get maximum value from your existing sales, training and customer service documentation
  • Links with product and customer details for an all-in-one sales solution

Powered by IBM Watson

We’re part of the IBM Watson Ecosystem, and its first retail partner in Europe. We work closely with IBM to leverage their technology and expertise.

increases by 9% when employees have a high degree of product knowledge

  • Natural language processing

    Sell Smart uses the latest breakthroughs in natural language processing to understand your documents. Maximise existing investments, take control of documentation, and instantly improve sales and service.

  • No training required

    Disruptive technology doesn't need to disrupt your business. With voice recognition and a simple to use question-and-answer interface, using Sell Smart is intuitive and natural.

  • Smart product recommendations

    Integrates with eCommerce databases to automatically link content and products, and tailor to relevant demographics and purchase histories to boost conversion rates and make cross-selling easy.

  • Always learning, always improving

    Outthink your competition with IBM Watson’s unique learning system – the more you use it, the better it gets. By crowdsourcing input from across all channels, Sell Smart gets smarter every day.

  • $1bn

    amount IBM invested in developing cognitive computing in 2014

  • 46%

    employees who feel customers know more about products than they do

  • 73%

    employees who have sent customers away because they can’t answer simple questions

Powered by RetailOS, the connected experience platform

RetailOS is a connected experience platform that joins up your data, devices, and customer touch points to deliver a seamless shopping experience. RetailOS integrates with your existing technology providers and back end infrastructure, creating an enhanced customer experience to drive engagement and loyalty.

Building on top of this platform, additional solutions include commerce, loyalty and knowledge applications for the complete end-to-end engagement with your customers and staff across mobile, tablet, kiosk, wearables and in-store displays.