Red Ant and Samsung showcase truly seamless shopping at Westfield

Samsung's recent Futurescape retail event, hosted in Westfield White City, was set up to showcase innovative technology which has the potential to transform the in-store shopping experience for sales staff and customers alike.

We used the unique features of our technology platform RetailOS to demonstrate how retailers can converge all of the various device types that come into a store into seamless, connected, informed staff and customer journeys.

The level of technology inside high street stores is increasing, from consumer phones to staff tablets, fixed display screens and even wearables. We showed how, by connecting all of these devices to each other in real time via our cloud platform as well as to back end systems such as eCommerce and CRM, retailers can:

  • identify customers
  • offer personalised service
  • enable seamless checkouts
  • improve their operational performance

Plus, by mixing and matching device types depending on the exact situation, staff and customers can always have the experience that best suits the sale.

We demonstrated how customers can ‘check in’ to the store with their branded app, using NFC, beacons or a pre-booked appointment. The most relevant staff member is automatically paged via a smart watch (based on distance or product specialism), showing the customer's name and requirements. They can use the wearable to automatically log in to a shared tablet, which extracts the customer’s wishlist from the phone and combines it with customer record data from the backend to show past purchases and personalised recommendations.

Staff have everything they need to complete the sale on their tablet, or they can even send products to a 55” touchscreen to explore them in more detail. Integration with both store and online stock means that, even if the product isn’t available right away, the customer can still check out - the order is sent to their phone, and with one tap they can have it delivered the next day using their previously saved address and payment details. The assistant gets instant notification that the sale has completed and attribution for their work in making the sale even though the checkout has taken place through the website. Finally, their smart watch (or their manager’s) alerts them to a visualisation of their progress towards their daily sales target.

Red Ant’s Product Strategy Director Alex Sbardella said: 'Technology has already started to change the way we shop, and we’re passionate about giving retailers the tools they need to deliver a first-class service, online and in-store. It was great to be invited by Samsung to showcase at the event as a future retail partner - they recognise the value in how RetailOS can connect all your devices and systems together for a truly seamless retail experience.'