Making retail relevant in a mobile first world

Dan Hartveld and Alex Sbardella discuss why the future of retail depends on mobility for stores, sales staff and shoppers in a video for Business Reporter, recorded at The Telegraph studios.

Bringing online in-store – why the future of retail depends on mobility for stores, sales staff and shoppers.

In a highly competitive environment where customer expectations are ever-increasing and the success of eCommerce has forced a shift in traditional retail activity, retailers need to take steps to ensure what they can offer in-store matches their online presence.

In this interview, mobile retail technology specialist Red Ant’s Technical Director Dan Hartveld and Product Strategy Director Alex Sbardella talk to Dave Baxter about industry fears, in-store issues and the technical solutions which will allow retailers to deliver a joined-up customer experience across all business channels.

Covering sales staff empowerment, digitally-enabled stores and the importance of adopting a mobile-first approach to customer experience, they ask – and answer – the question on most customers’ lips in the 21st century: "Why should I bother getting out of my chair to visit a shop when I can get what I need online?"

Hartveld and Sbardella propose a powerful solution which brings the best of all worlds to retailers, sales staff and customers alike – one which has the unique ability to work with existing systems to empower employees with knowledge, deliver superior service and above all, increase sales for each channel, whether on- or offline.

Key Points

  • Customers vote with their wallet for the better shopping experience
  • User-friendly applications are fundamental in supporting your employees
  • Short term change is achievable without major systems overhead