• Customer experience guide

    In this guide, we look at how using digital to connect customers' purchase touchpoints can turn every shopping experience into a personal journey, with digitally-enabled sales staff sensitive to each individual's requirements.

  • Stories from the shop floor

    We asked 1,000 sales staff aged 18 – 55+ how they feel about working in a highly competitive retail environment, and to measure their attitudes to customer service and technology as a way of assisting both customers and staff. The results were very revealing...

  • Tough customers

    Personal service, impeccable manners, superior product knowledge - customers have clear opinions about what they expect from sales staff when they visit stores. Our survey of 2,000 UK shoppers reveals what they really think about the in-store experience.

  • Tips for retailers

    Channels (online, mobile, in-store) don’t matter to customers – they just want to make a purchase, and it’s the retailer’s business to make it easy for them. Our new guide gives tips for delivering a seamless customer experience, whether they’re at home, out and about or in-store.

  • Gaining the single customer view in a multi-channel world

    Smart brands looking to maximise sales in an increasingly competitive commercial climate know that it’s no longer enough to limit themselves to just one approach to the customer - we’re living in a multi-channel retail world. This is an in-depth analysis of the challenges brands can expect to face when gaining the single customer view across all channels – and why it’s essential to conquer them.